Thanksgiving – 14 January 2023

1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for always praying for me and my family. Thank you especially for praying for me this month, even when I didn’t ask you for intercession and turned my face away from God. Thank you for bringing me back to the Lord. I cannot survive without God. Thank you for always leading me back to God and helping me pray when I am too weak or tired to pray myself. You are truly my Mother. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Please continue to pray for me and my family. Thank you, Mother.

Your Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you very much for interceding with your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ during my most difficult time when I was in the ICU at NUH after my heart operation. When I could hardly breathe and was in a confused state, I knew you, Mother, was with me and carried me through. And, with your help and kind intercession, I finally recovered and was discharged from hospital after about 4 months. My dear Mother, please continue to bless me with a full recovery and to be independent again.

Your Catholic Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother,

Thank you so much for guiding me and my loved ones throughout 2022. It was a tumultuous year due to my national examinations and the losses my family incurred. However, despite the challenges, by your grace, I managed to pull through without any breakdowns. My national examinations went mostly well and not once did I want to give up studying due to your intercession. May 2023 be a year of blessings.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a letter to you. I am writing today to give you thanks for all the good and bad that have happened to me in 2022. Thank you for helping me to finally get a driving license. I know I could not have done it without your intercession. Thank you for letting my year at work go without any major incidents or problems. Thank you for giving me new colleagues to befriend and giving me an environment worth going back to. Thank you for my supportive friends, who comfort and help me in my trials and tribulations. Thank you for looking after my friends and my family, that there was no death in the family last year. Thank you for my family’s financial situation, that I still have money to eat sufficiently, enough for my transport and to give back to my family and a little bit for my own hobby. Thank you for my application into SIM and thank you for looking after my brother as he finished his IB and also able to balance his studies with a new relationship. Thank you for the peace and strength to go through the hardships, the strains on my social life, the rising cost of living and the discrimination at my workplace. I couldn’t have done it without the prayers and love from you, my blessed Mother. I love you Mother Mary.

Your Catholic Son.

5. Dearest Mother,

We are thankful and grateful to you and your Son, our Lord Jesus, as we celebrate 26 years of marriage. Thank you for blessing my husband and me with a happy and loving marriage. Dearest Mother, you were there with us in good times and you helped us through the difficulties that we encountered. Please continue to pray and intercede for us.

Your Loving Children.

6. Dear Mother,

I thank you for interceding for me with a job. I was told that my company was not renewing my contract when it ended last December. I was down trodden and with a heavy heart, I prayed that a miracle would happen for me and that the company will change its mind and ask me to stay. As I was driving home, I had a phone message from the company asking whether I would like to extend my work for another 1 month. My heart was filled with joy and suddenly I felt the load in my heart disappear. I’m so happy that a miracle did happen that I could continue to work. I pray that I would be able to continue working not just for a month but many more months or years with the same company as I’m the sole bread winner in the family. Thank you, Mother Mary for your intercession.

Your Child.

7. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

We are thanking you for all the blessings you have interceded for us in 2022. Our family members have grown closer to each other. My husband started to express his love and care. My children, especially my son, who used to stay away from his studies and prayers showed good progress in his studies and in his spiritual growth. Thank you, Mother.

Your Loving Daughter.

8. Dearest Mother,

We are so grateful for your prayers and intercession for us. 2 years ago, my husband and I were trying to conceive a child. We prayed daily and attended Novena every Saturday. It was a journey not without its fair share of challenges. Last year, I underwent 2 keyhole surgeries to remove a cyst in my left ovary. I was ill for weeks, I had so much anxiety and had insomnia. My hospital stay leading up to my emergency surgery left me in so much pain and tears. I asked my self if I would ever be able to have a child. In my darkest days, I prayed to you to always be there for me and to comfort me. I asked for your intercession during my 2 surgeries and I indeed felt the presence of your love and Jesus being close to me. I recovered from my surgeries well and started trying to conceive again. And, 6 months later I became pregnant. Even throughout my pregnancy, I was so anxious and worried for my baby. It was not the smoothest pregnancy but everytime something seemed amiss, you were always there. I prayed to you daily. Today, I have a lovable, adorable and healthy 6-week old baby boy in my arms. He is a gift from God and from you. I am eternally grateful to you for everything.

Your Loving Daughter.

9. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I was a lapsed catholic before the outbreak of Covid and I didn’t have a proper full-time job for almost 3 years. On the suggestion of my elder sister, I wrote a petition and began a 9-week Novena Devotion. I expected nothing, but felt I had nothing to lose either. I never expected a miracle just 2 weeks into the 9 weeks of the Novena, one of my dream firms offered me a full-time position in their company. Thank you so much Mother Mary. I really don’t have the words to express my love and gratitude. But you have truly brought me back to Christ. I love you.

Your Grateful Son.

10. Dearest Mother Mary,

I want to thank you with all my heart for blessing and taking care of my family throughout 2022. I want to thank you for loving me and taking care of me, also. It has been a good and prosperous year for our business. Upon reflection, I truly believe that in praying the rosary every day everything turned out to be better. The rosary has been our spiritual strength in overcoming many difficulties. Mother Mary, may your name be honoured and loved by everyone. Thank you, God, our Father for giving Mother Mary to us.

Your Grateful Children.

11. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I want to sincerely thank you for answering my petition I made for the sister of my maid. Her sister was informed of a serious life-threatening problem surrounding her unborn baby. But you, my most loving and compassionate Mother of Perpetual Help, once again did not turn a deaf ear to my plea. The baby was safely delivered, healthy and is a witness of your never-failing help. Thank you, Mother.

Your Catholic Child.

12. Dearest Mother,

I recently went for a group tour with family, relatives and friends. Many unpleasant incidents happened. As we travelled from one place to another, we stopped at places to rest. On one occasion, as we boarded the coach, all of us especially me, noticed that my husband was not on the coach. He was still at the rest area as the coach drove away. After the coach travelled for about 10-15 minutes along the highway, I noticed his seat was empty. I immediately informed the rest of them and the tour guide. Everyone was in shock. My mind went blank and could not think of anything. But, Mother Mary, even though I did not say any prayer nor asked for your help, you were already there helping me to handle this difficult situation. I am very grateful. Our coach could not turn back to pick him up as we are along the highway. The tour guide spoke to someone at the rest area and arranged for another coach to pick up my husband and meet us at the next rest area. He eventually joined our group again with your help. Thank you, Mother Mary for your presence with me when I needed you most. I am always grateful to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your protection and your constant presence in my life.

Your Ever-Grateful Catholic Daughter.