Thanksgiving – 13 Jun 2020

1. Dearest sweetest mother of mine,

This is a weekly thanksgiving letter to thank you and your son for keeping me and my family and the majority of Singaporeans safe from the invisible virus Even though we have had the unfortunate breakout in the foreign workers community you still protected the vast majority I thank you most caring mother please do help us to find a vaccine soon.

2. Dearest Mother Mary,

My utmost thanks to You for Your intercession for my 93 yr-old dad who has just been discharged from hospital yesterday after a prolonged one-month stay in hospital after hip replacement surgery. Please continue to look after him so that his recuperation will be uneventful. With utmost thanks.

Your grateful daughter.

3. Dear Mother,

I want to thank you for your prayers in helping me secure a job. With such a miserable economic situation, and at age 56, it is indeed a miracle to secure a job at all. You have heard my heartfelt prayers as a sole bread earner and father of four. Thank you, dear Mother for interceding for us.

   Your son.