Thanksgiving – 12 February 2022

1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I wish to thank you for being with my family constantly. You listened to my prayers each time I had difficulties either in health or family matters. I feel at ease and confident for I know you’ll help me to overcome my problems through your intercession to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I honour you and have trust and confidence in you.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for blessing me with a supportive wife and two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law and two grandchildren. The journey down life’s highway had been full of humps and bumps but you were always there to help me and my family. You have been protecting and guiding me quietly from the time that I was struggling for a living. I thank you for everything that you have bestowed on me.

Your Catholic Son.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

I literally jumped for joy today and thanked Jesus when my daughter received a good report of her blood and urine tests and my wife received a normal clear report for the biopsy done from her thyroid gland. I know that it was through your intercession that both of them received Divine healing from your Son, Lord Jesus Christ. I brought them to your shrine to give thanks. I am so grateful to you for loving and interceding for my family all these years.

Your Grateful Son.

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for your prayers and intercession for me and my loved ones throughout these years. You have always been with me in all my life’s moments, in good times and in bad. I earnestly want to offer my sincere gratitude to you for drawing me closer to your Son, Jesus, and increasing my faith. Not only I am now praying the rosary daily but through your prayers, I am now able to appreciate God’s mercy and unfailing love. I want to thank you for keeping us safe during these trying times and we pray for all who are suffering from this pandemic. May you succour them and ease their burdens. I thank you once again, Mother Mary, for unending assistance and love.

Your Loving Son.

5. Dearest Mother,

My heartfelt thanks for protecting my family and our homes during the typhoon Odette which hit Cebu last year. After the typhoon in Cebu, I was very anxious as I could not contact my family for 4 days. I kept praying the rosary even though deep inside my heart I was filled with so much worry. That weekend, my husband managed to go home from the city though transportation was very difficult. Through your intercession, there were some good people who offered him a ride even though the travel was almost impassable because there were fallen trees and lampposts blocking the roads. After 4 days, I received news from my husband and brother that my parents and children are all safe. My husband also told me that our hard earn dream house was not affected and nothing was destroyed. Thank you for your great love and protection dearest Mother.

Your Grateful Daughter.

6. Dearest Mother,

My wife and I had been trying to conceive since we got married in 2020 with no success. The many failed attempts left us with many doubts in our minds, and we wondered if we would be able to conceive in a manner in line with the Catholic teaching as we were getting on in our years. Nevertheless, we continued to pray for your guidance and intercession. In November last year, we received the good news that my wife was pregnant. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks, as this is truly the best gift we could have received.

Your Loving Son & Daughter.

7. Dearest Mother Mary,

I am writing this letter to thank you and your Son, for all the blessings you have given us as a family. Thank you for our good health and for protecting us from the Covid virus throughout the last 2 years. Thank you for my daughter who has done well in her PSLE and got into a Secondary School of her choice. Thank you for watching over us, dearest Mother.

Your Loving Daughter.