Thanksgiving – 10 Jul 2021

1. Dear Mother Mary,

I was heartbroken when my son informed me that his wife wanted to call it quits in their marriage. It was tough for him to salvage the marriage as he could not even pinpoint what went wrong through the past year and she was not willing to try to see how to make the marriage work despite their differences. I was worried as well that my son would go into depression. Dear Mother, I am thankful that both of them are now much happier and are still together. I am thankful that my son was able to bear the mental strain of going through these difficult times. I know it is still a tough road ahead for them. I pray that they will be able to go through the difficulties together.

Your Grateful Catholic Daughter.

2. Dear Mother Mary,

I am coming to the end of my 3rd year in NUS. Thank you for your graces and for constantly interceding for me, without which I definitely would not have made it to this point. When I look back on how I even managed to secure a spot in my faculty, possibly one of the most competitive, I am constantly reminded that this was only because of your Son’s plan for my life and through your loving support. Help me to always remember that if it is your Son’s will, everything is possible.

Your Humble Daughter.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

I failed my driving test the first time and it was compounded with disappointing news on not being invited to a prestigious academic event. It was demoralized for me for a while. Weeks later, I was inspired to write in a petition praying that I will be able to pass my driving test and with your intercession I passed the test two days later. And on the same day of the test, I received great news to be part of the new academic opportunity. I am overjoyed and grateful to you and your Son. Thank you for answering my prayers and holding my hands, giving me the strength and confidence.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for the strength and perseverance in my prayer life the past two months whilst awaiting my surgery. You have made me realize how blessed I am to be able to rest in God and not let my heart be troubled but to trust in God.

Your Loving Child.

5. Dearest Mother,

You heard my cries, I was so worried as the pandemic has robbed me of my work. Thank you for answering my prayers as I have managed to secure a job in a new company.

Your Grateful Child.

6. Dear Mother Mary,

This letter is long overdue. Back in April, I was hospitalised and underwent an emergency surgery due to an infection of an ovarian cyst. Before my surgery in the waiting area, I was scared and anxious. I remember praying to you and your Son, Jesus, to keep me safe and watch over me. I said a decade of the rosary and my fears were soon calmed by your comfort. While my recovery process had been slow, I am happy to say that I have now fully recovered and am feeling well and energetic and even have a new lease of life. I thank you for interceding and praying for me. Thank you for being there with me throughout my surgery, dear Mother Mary.

Your Daughter.

7. Dearest Mother,

I want to offer my thanksgiving to you and your Son, our Lord Jesus, for bestowing me with 40 years of my life. I am truly blessed to be your daughter, you have also protected me from all dangers and helped me to overcome my challenges. I pray for a great life for me and my family for good health always especially during this time of the pandemic.

Your Thankful Daughter.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

We moved into our new home recently. Finally, we have a permanent roof over our heads in Singapore and our little one is able to grow up comfortably. Thank you for your intercession for without you and your Son, this would definitely be impossible. We are really thankful for what we have now.

Your Children.

9. Dear Mother Mary,

A few days ago I prayed for your intercession for a successful appeal to NTU and days later, I received an offer of admission into the school. I remember jumping up and down shouting with happiness at the good news with my parents and I am so grateful to you for your help. I know this would not have been possible without you and I am thankful for my blessings.

Your Loving Daughter.

10. Dearest Mother,

Thank you so much for all your prayers and guidance in my life 20 days back, my parents were down with Covid-19 but with your help and intercession, both of them managed to recover. Thank you so much for your healing touch. You are always there for me whenever I encounter problems, giving me the strength to overcome them. Once again, thank you so much for all your prayers for me.

Your Ever-Loving Daughter.