Petitions – 9 September 2023

1. Please pray for me. I am desperately seeking a new job to provide for my family and pay off our debts.        

2. Mother Mary, I am feeling nervous and anxious as I await the result of my CT Scan. Please intercede for me to your Son, Jesus, that all will be well.  

3. Show me and my husband the right decision towards a healthy and peaceful life. We have started on a daily routine to get our lives back on track so that we’ll be able to enjoy being parents when the time comes.                

4. I come to you, Mother, to plead for healing of my husband. Of late he has been in pain due to his illness. Kindly ask Jesus to relieve my husband of the pain.

5. I’m going through a very difficult time as I was very harsh with my son who was not making an effort to study for his exams. I caused him pain and I truly regret my actions. Please help me make amends and be a better mother to him. 

6. Dear Mother, please pray for my family as we travel home to Japan. Grant us a safe journey.

7. Please look after us as we plan and proceed with our marriage next year.

8. I’m having problems with family members and I feel very depressed. Please pray for me.

9. Mother Mary, I’ll be going for my fetal scan. Please give me the strength to overcome my fears and be with me and my baby throughout this time.      

10. My parents have gone to Canada to sort out some financial matters. Please keep them safe and bring them back safely.

11. Mother, intercede for my daughter who is suffering from insomnia.

12. I’m writing a petition for a neighbour who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Please pray for her to have the courage to go through the treatment and may she be well again.