Petitions – 8 May 2021

1. Dearest Mother Mary, pray for the healing of the world from Covid19 and bless all those who are need of God’s aid.

2. I pray for my family. Our parents have passed away during the pandemic. May our Lord’s love and mercy shine upon them.

3. Please watch over all my loved ones as they also get their vaccinations. Please help refugees and migrants to find a safe haven.

4. Dear Mother Mary, please hear my deepest prayer for my daughter and my son-in-law to have a child. My daughter has been trying to conceive for some time and have also experienced many health issues. Please bless their dreams for a family and draw them closer with you and our Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Dearest Mother, my son is deeply stressed with his studies and is having difficulty in managing his emotions. He has even hurt himself when he feels down. Give him peace of mind and keep him from danger.

6. My husband and I have been praying hard to have a child of our own. Please intercede and pray for me so that I’ll be able to conceive and have a healthy baby soon.

7. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for all those who are down with illnesses to be healed.

8. I pray for my children to be delivered from whatever that is holding them in slavery. May they be transformed to follow God wholeheartedly and come to know Jesus Christ personally and be inspired by the Holy Spirit.