Petitions – 8 January 2022

1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my brother who is in the ICU.

2. Please pray for my mom and dad for their healing, strength and protection.

3. Mother of Perpetual Help, my daughter has been searching for a job since her graduation in July without much success. Pray that she might get a job as God wills.

4. Dear Mother Mary, I ask for your intercession to keep my uncle mentally strong as he continues to battle Covid-19. His oxygen levels are fluctuating every day and is in the ICU on oxygen support. Pray for his recovery and healing.

5. I seek your intercession for my family’s physical, emotional and spiritual health

6. Dear Mother, please help and intercede that my sister’s operation will go well without complications.

7. Dear Mother, I pray for clam and peace at work. Pray that I may do well as a leader and be able to show my team’s abilities and be more encouraged to do well in my work.

8. Kindly pray to our Lord Jesus for my parents that their dispute case with the neighbour be resolved soon and that we may live in peace.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my youngest son to be strong and overcome whatever challenges he has with his studies. Let him know that you and the Lord are always with him.   

10. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my daughters who are overseas. Protect them from any harm and guide them to believe in God.

11. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for me as I’m tired of worrying about my son. I want to surrender my fear and anxiety to the Lord and to appreciate what the Lord has given me and enjoy my everyday life.

12. Dearest Mother, please help me to intercede with our Lord Jesus that my two daughters be reconciled soon.

13. I have two interview offers for my post graduate application. Please intercede that the two interviews will go well.

14. Please pray that work will go smoothly and for me to have wisdom when faced with difficulties and challenges.

15. I humbly ask for your intercession for my clinical practical test happening soon. I feel doubtful and nervous, but I know with your prayers I need not be afraid.

16. Dearest Mother, please pray that I will be able to travel and visit my family safely.