Petitions – 8 Aug 2020

1. My daughter has been suffering from depression. This has affected most of her nerves, muscles and particularly her lower back and she is partially immobilised. Mother, please intercede to your Son, Jesus, to heal her.

2. Dearest Mother Mary, I am in debt and may be facing bankruptcy. I pray for strength to go through this difficult moment.

3. Please intercede for me that I can find a stable job.

4. Mother Mary, I pray for my grandson that Holy Spirit will touch his heart and help him turn away from bad influences.

5. I am praying for healing and restoration of my eye-sight.

6. Dear Mother, please intercede for my son who is preparing to sit for his exams. Please help him to stay focussed.

7. I am currently a cadet in OCS and will be starting my course. I am worried, anxious and excited. I pray that I will complete the course and the journey towards officership.

8. Please grant my husband and I to have a career breakthrough as both of us are in need of a good, meaningful and stable job.