Petitions – 7 May 2022

1. Mother, please intercede for my son who is going through depression and is suicidal. He is refusing treatment. Pray that the Lord will open his heart, heal all his hurts and make him whole again.

2. My husband has lost his job due to the current situation. He is searching for a new job. Mother, please help him and intercede to Jesus to get him a new job as soon as possible.

3. Dearest Mother, tomorrow my brother will be going for his chemo treatment. I pray for your intercession, to give him the strength to overcome all difficulties and hurdles during this treatment.

4. Mother, my youngest son is addicted to TicTok and gaming. Please pray for him and guide him to prioritise his time and studies.

5. Dear Mother, please pray for fiance and me as we journey to the next phase of our lives, that both of us will be filled with the Lord’s mercy, love, faith, hope and grace.

6. Mother Mary, please bring my son to give up his drinking habit and bring him back to God.

7. Mother Mary, we continue to pray that we may always trust God to follow His will and serve Him by loving others.

8. Please intercede for me to be healed spiritually, mentally and physically.

9. Mother, please intercede for my cousin. She is having problems with her vision due to a glaucoma.

10. Please intercede to our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ for His Divine healing of my nephew to have a speedy recovery after his open-heart surgery.