Petitions – 7 July 2018

  1. Dearest Mother, please intercede for my friend whose cancer has relapsed and she will be having a complicated surgery on 17th July.


  1. Mother, please intercede to your Son, for the search of the 13 football members in Thailand who have been trapped in a flooded cave since 25thJune.


  1. I pray that my younger brother will be safe and happy throughout his new NS training in the Air Force.


  1. I am going for a major neck operation on 2nd Kindly help me go through this successfully.


  1. My niece has fallen into bad company and is giving a lot of grief and worry to her parents. Her health has also been compromised. Mother, please pray for her.


  1. My wife has to go for an operation to remove a growth in her womb. Please keep her safe and to have a speedy recovery.


  1. Please pray for my 91 years old father who is going for a MRI scan of his upper abdomen to check for tumours.


  1. I am struggling with a new relationship which began in April. Please intercede for us to resolve all the obstacles and challenges.


  1. Please intercede for a 10 years old girl suffering from epilepsy.