Petitions – 7 January 2023

1. I pray that you will help me to become a more respectful child to my parents and that I will be accepted into the university of my choice.

2. Please intercede for me as I am going for my MRI Scan. Please pray for me to have a good result. Bless me with strength in my faith and healing over me.

3. I pray for a child. My husband and I trust in you that you will answer our prayer.

4. I will be going for my brain tumour scan and I pray for good results.

5. I pray for my PSLE this year. May I not be so stressed and work hard towards the examinations.

6. Mother Mary, I pray that my son’s visa application will be approved. This is my only wish for the whole family to be united again.

7. Please intercede for my mother to have a full recovery from a stroke.

8. My cousin will be undergoing colon cancer surgery. Please look after her and help her through the surgery and treatment.

9. I humbly seek your urgent intercession for my son to get a good job here. He has gone for an interview and has a good feedback. Please pray for him to get the job so that he can relocate back home with his family.

10. I pray that I will be able to provide for my family.

11. I have just started my treatment and I pray that there’ll be no side effects and my condition will be stable.

12. Please pray for my colleague’s mother who is undergoing chemotherapy, that she will respond well to the treatment.

13. Mother, please pray for me as I have a very difficult boss. He is always threatening the staff by using his authority. I am praying for a miracle.