Petitions – 7 Apr 2018

  1. Dear Mother Mary, please help my son to be accepted into the University of his choice.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for me. I have been in debt for years and this is weighing me down.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I offer up my chinese grades. I pray that I will be able to pass and that my hardwork will pay off.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I have difficulty with a colleague and ask for your intercession with Jesus, that I can relate to her in a Christ like manner. Give me the courage and wisdom to act in a way pleasing to you. Please show me the way.


  1. Loving Mother, my wife and I have been married for 2 years and we have been trying to have a baby. We ask for your intercession and blessing to help us conceive.


  1. Dearest Mother, this petition is for a church friend who has stage 4 lung cancer since 2 years ago and I only knew it 2 days ago. This friend of mine needs a miracle and I believe it can come through you.


  1. Dear Mother, I earnestly pray for forgiveness and reconciliation between my husband and my parents.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for my 2 children to forgive each other and move on. Heal both of them from past anger. I am confident with your intercession, our Lord will bless our family with peace.

  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, my daughter will be undergoing a breast surgery. Please intercede for her and pray that the biopsy is benign.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, 8 years ago I came to your shrine and you answered my prayer in getting a job after 3 years of unemployment. I have just been informed that I will be laid off again. Please intercede to your Son, for me to get a new job soon as I am past 50 years old and I know it will be difficult in getting another job.

  1. Mother Mary, I have a special child. He is a high functioning autistic child, very smart but no friends and he is having problem finding an internship. I pray for your intercession to help him secure an internship and bless him with friends and happiness. I also pray that the world will understand our special child and give him a means to be independent.