Petitions – 6 Oct 2018

  1. I pray for a cure for my 5-month old son from illness.


  1. My daughter-in-law is due to deliver any time now, please pray for the safety of the mother and her child.


  1. My mom has been having a severe cough for quite some time. Please intercede for her to have a quick recovery.


  1. Please pray for the total healing of my mother from breast cancer.


  1. My colleague has suffered two miscarriages. Please comfort her and nurse her back to health.


  1. I will be going for a pilgrimage this coming October with my parents. Grant us good health to enjoy the trip and a safe return.


  1. Please help my sister and brother-in-law to find the love they had for the last 25 years. Help them to resolve their differences amicably.


  1. We are asking for your intercession as we go on our first family trip. Please keep us safe.


  1. My daughter is having a relationship with a divorcee who is much older than her. Please guide her as she is very naive and playful.