Petitions – 6 November 2021

1. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for me and my family that I will be able to secure suitable employment soon, and the latest treatment recommended by my neurologist will work well and be sustainable and affordable.

2. Dear Mary, my mum will be starting her chemotherapy treatment. I seek your intercession to make the chemo process smooth for her. Please continue to grant her strength and courage.

3. Please pray for the soul of my father to have eternal peace. Please intercede for our family. Help us to overcome this difficult moment.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, you taught us the importance of the family. Whilst the arrival of my child was supposed to be an event of joy, it has caused significant rifts in my family and with my in-laws. Please hear and intercede for me.

5. I have been feeling very upset lately, a combination of getting hurt by a friend and feeling anxious because I’m falling behind in school. Mother, please intercede for me.

6. I would like to get married to my boyfriend and be united in holy matrimony. But his parents and other circumstances are in the way. Please make a way for us to be united in holy matrimony.

7. I have liver cancer. Please intercede for me to be healed and cured.

8. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray and bless my son who is born with Down Syndrome to be able to communicate verbally or via sign language and help him to develop basic life skills.

9. Please intercede for my graduate medical school application that if it’s the Lord’s will. He will make paths straight for me to be a doctor.