Petitions – 6 May 2023

1. Please intercede with your Son, for a successful outcome for our business. Bless the team that has put in a lot of hard work over the last few years.

2. Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray for me as I am going for a colonoscopy. I am worried, and I have been praying to overcome my anxiety and that everything will go well.

3. Dear Mother Mary, my best friend had a traumatic experience giving birth to her child. I pray that you will intercede for her to be healed from her trauma, so that she can be the good mother and wife.

4. Dearest Mother, I ask for your loving care, that I will have a safe pregnancy and that my husband will find a job. We need to be financially stable for the coming of our new-born child.  

5. Dear Mother Mary, my husband has just been told by his company that he is being released. As he is the sole bread winner of the family, I am very worried as we have loans, bills and both our children are still studying. Mother Mary, please pray that my husband will find a new job soon.

6. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for my grand-aunt. She is in hospital now suffering from a lung infection. Things do not look well for her. Please help her to be reconciled with her three sons as they have had a severe misunderstanding.

7. Dearest Mother, I pleaded for your intercession to spare my husband from a jail sentence if it was possible. Sadly, he was sentenced to a 12-week prison term. Please be with him, comfort him with your presence, continue to intercede for him and deliver him from his tribulations soon.

8. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my friends who have been trying to have a baby for the longest time.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for a 10-year-old child who has just undergone an emergency brain surgery. Even though she is not Catholic, she always prays a decade of the rosary daily at the grotto. Please pray that she will have a full recovery.

10. Mother Mary, please pray for my son who will be undergoing a silent retreat as part of his preparation to enter the seminary next year.

11. Dear Mother Mary, please guide me to find a God-fearing and kind man with whom I can build a good life and family with.

12. Dear Mother, my son who has special needs is being bullied in school and is now in depression. Please give him strength and courage and guide him to turn to you and not lose hope.

13. Mother, recently, my father passed away after a sudden stroke. He was 82 years old and was very devoted to the novena. Please walk with him towards his eternal home in God’s kingdom.

14. Dear Mother, I have just finished chemotherapy and next week, I will be going for a mastectomy. Dear Mother, be with me and hold my hand as I go through this difficult time. I love you Mother.