Petitions – 5 May 2018

  1. Dearest Mother, please protect my family and help my children in their studies especially my daughter who is preparing for her PSLE.

  1. Mother Mary, please intercede and pray for my son as he starts his Housemanship on 2 May. He needs your prayers and intercession so that he is guided in his work and handling his patients.

  1. Mother, please pray for my daughter to get a job soon. She has sent out many applications but yet to receive any response.

  1. Dear Mother Mary, please pray and intercede for the fast-growing number of Singaporeans suffering from cancer. Comfort them during their time of pain and agony. When painkillers don’t seem to work effectively, please comfort them with hope to fight on. Assist me in my prayer for the many cancer patients.

  1. Dearest Mother, I write to you today to pray for strength, courage and hope. I am at a crossroads of my life where I feel like I may have to make a difficult decision that will affect my future. Either choice will leave me hurt and possibly with regret. Therefore, I ask for your intercession, give me the strength and courage to take the leap of faith that I must take, and trust in God’s plan no matter what the outcome.

  1. Dear Mother Mary, I am writing this petition on behalf of my colleague. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Neurofibrosarcoma and will be due for a very complicated surgery. I would like to seek your intercession to pray for this young lady and help her through this difficult ordeal and may the surgery be a success and she will have a speedy recovery and continue her life.

  1. Dear Mother Mary, I am feeling miserable. There is so much pressure at work. I am facing financial problems and half of my salary goes to paying off my debts. My wife and children are suffering because of me. I need some guidance and intercession.

  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my daughter to be selected for the leadership program that she wishes to participate and take up leadership challenges. She is not a confident child and always feels inferior. Recently, she seems more courageous and hence signed herself up for this leadership camp and is also trying out for a leadership position. Please intercede for her.