Petitions – 6 Jul 2019

  1. Thank you so much for your intercession in our petitions to God. It means a lot to me to know that you are praying with us and for us. I pray for a Blessed Weekend and week ahead for my family and me.


  1. Please grant us a safe journey to and from China and a fruitful discussion with suppliers and business opportunities in China. I pray also that it will be a good bonding time and support for the travellers.


  1. Please intercede for my brother to be free from all his problems and be a better person. May the family be peaceful and not bear any grudges against one another. I pray that my leg will be fully healed after an accident that I got into 3 and a half years ago and let me walk like a normal person again.


  1. I have been asking you for help and you have never failed me. Please pray that I will be able to receive my working pass soon.


  1. Bless my friend who has a heart condition and has diabetics. Help her to lead a normal and peaceful life.


  1. My niece’s son is coming back home from prison. Please guide him along the right path of life.


  1. My colleague met with an accident and is now in the High Dependency Ward. He is being monitored and may need a blood transfusion. Please pray that he will recover soon.


  1. Please bless my mum who is in her 90s with good health and to be able to walk by herself so that she can come to your shrine.