Petitions – 6 August 2022

1. My elder brother is going for his colonoscopy as the doctors found blood in his stool. Please intercede for him that results will be negative and grant him speedy recovery from his poor health.

2. I am praying for my son’s career to be smooth and for him to have confidence in handling his daily issues and to make the right decisions.

3. I am going for surgery on 5 Aug I pray for your intercession for a safe surgery and speedy and complete recovery.

4. Mother, Please save my marriage and my family. I am so desperately in need of your help. I am completely broken.

5. Dearest Mother Mary, Please pray and intercede for my son to prepare and do well in his “O” Level exams this year.

6. Mother Mary, I pray that my niece’s domestic helper will recover her wrongly transferred money as soon as possible.

7. Dear Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession to help me in passing the 2 ICS exam papers that I took in May.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help please intercede for me and my husband, to be more understanding and loving towards each other.

9. After 2 consecutive miscarriages last year, I got pregnant again. Please Mama Mary intercede with our prayers that this pregnancy is a successful and healthy one for me and my husband.

10. Mother Mary please pray to the Lord to bless me to overcome my financial problem.

11. I am heart broken, Mother, my family is not supportive of me adopting the Catholic Faith. Please intercede for me.

12. My sister-in-law’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Mother, pray that she will respond well to chemo treatment and surgery.