Petitions – 5 Sep 2020

1. Please pray for my son that our Lord will grant him strength, wisdom and patience to complete and pass his degree.

2. Please pray for me and my dear ones for our special intentions and for the approval of my green card. I have been waiting for 20 years and I could not attend any of my brothers’ marriages and not even my mother’s funeral.

3. 3 weeks ago, I had done a Mammogram and the report was mailed to me last Friday indicating that there are some changes that require further investigation. I am also scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the end of this month. Dearest Mother, please pray for me that all the tests will be normal.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please help my daughter’s mental issue and heal her brokenness. Please cure her and secure her job.

5. Dear Mother Mary, today being the feast of your Assumption into Heaven, we pray to you to protect and bless our family and all families. Keep us safe.

6. Dearest Mother, I am 7 years old this year. Please pray for me to study well in school and be focused in class and to remember my work well.

7. Dear Mother Mary, I pray to you to help me to get rid of negative thoughts. Help me to get out of this depression and let me be happy again.

8. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for us that I will meet good partners for both my businesses where we can work together with mutual trust and respect.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please help me to get a permanent job with a MOE Kindergarten soon. Bless me with good colleagues and friends.

10. Dear Mother, please help to intercede for my nephew who will be taking PSLE this year. Keep all those school bullies away from him.

11. Please intercede and give complete healing to my family who are affected by Covid-19. Please pray for my mother who is in critical condition in the hospital.

12. Dearest Mother, I pray to you to intercede and heal my wife. She is very irrational, abusive and harms not just our home, but herself as well. She feels hurt having lost her job a while ago and has no faith.

13. Please continue to intercede for my brother’s case and that the outcome will be good. We place our trust in you.

14. Dearest Mother, please grant me sufficient assignments for my monthly expenses. Please bless me wisdom to manage my funds and clear my bills as much as I can.