Petitions – 5 Jan 2019

  1. Mother, please intercede for my daughter’s boyfriend that he may secure employment soon.


  1. Dear Mother, please pray and intercede that my daughter’s application for admission for a place in the university will be successful.


  1. Please pray for us that we may have a peaceful and contented life.


  1. Mother Mary, please pray for my husband’s conversion so that he would return to the sacraments.


  1. Please pray for my grandmother to have a quick recovery after her neck operation.


  1. My son is suffering from depression, mood-swings, anxiety and poor sleeping pattern. Please pray for him to be at peace.


  1. Mother, please pray for us that my husband and I will be blessed with a baby soon.


  1. My son’s exam results will be released soon. Please pray for him that he may achieve good results.


  1. Mother, my family is experiencing a difficult time. Please intercede for us.


  1. Mother, I pray for healing of my wife and her recovery from cancer surgery.