Petitions – 5 February 2022

1. My son has decided to use his money and borrow some from our company to invest in a foreign business. Please help and guide him to make the correct decision. Please let it be a successful venture.

2. Dear Mother Mary, you know my sorrow and concern for my daughter. I pray that you will help to change her behaviour and attitude. Help her to find true happiness and to realise the need for God in her life.

3. My only god-daughter turns 8. Please continue to bless her that she will grow up to be a good child and that she will always remember that she is a child of God.

4. I ask for your intercession blessed Mother, for God’s healing and mercy on my friend’s mother who has had a relapse of her Lymphoma. May she be given peace and feel loved by God.

5. Mother Mary, please pray for my family that there will be Healing, Love, Peace and Joy. Give us God’s Grace to forgive each other.

6. Mother dearest, please help my daughter to get a good job. It will be her first job since her graduation. She has been looking for a job for four months.

7. My grandson is now 18 months old and is still unable to talk. He understands what we tell him or ask him to do but just cannot answer like some other babies. His mother is worried that her son is unable to talk. Please intercede and pray for him that there is nothing wrong and he will be able to talk gradually.

8. Please intercede for my friend’s mother who is sad after her brother’s passing. May God comfort her and grant her brother eternal light and rest.

9. We pray for the pandemic to end and all families and friends to be safe from the covid virus.

10. Dear Mother Mary, I pray to you for your intercession to heal the rift between my husband and daughter. Please help them emphatise and be more considerate towards each other. Please grant me peace and love in this family.

11. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, we have just received an acknowledgement letter from HDB regarding our BTO application. We should receive a result in early January 2022. Please intercede for us that we will successfully get our flat which you have planned for my family.

12. Dear Mother Mary, I seek your intercession again for my court case. It has been ongoing for 5 years and it has been taking a toll on myself and family. Please help us, dearest Mother, in this time of need to find a way for the case to be closed without going to trial.