Petitions – 5 August 2023

1. Dear Mother, please guide and guard me as I am going on a journey to Bhutan next week.

2. Please pray for my mother who will be going for an operation to remove a cyst from her liver.

3. Mother Mary please pray for my family, as we are very dysfunctional and about to break up.

4. Mother, please pray that I will find a job soon as I was suddenly terminated by my employers.

5. Please intercede for me, dear Mother as I need some financial aid to settle my personal debt.

6. Prayers are needed dear Mother, as I will be going for a CT scan as I have been having a lot of headaches later. Pray that it will not be anything serious.

7. Dear Mother, please pray for my good health, peace of mind. Keep me safe from harm’s way.

8. I have mental illness, stress from work and family, mother please help me so that I will be able to see a good doctor to handle my illness.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please pray that my grandson will be taken care off in NS and protect and keep him safe. Also pray for my granddaughter who is going to UK for her Masters in English for a year.

10. Please mother, pray for my sister to find peace during this difficult time due to her terminal illness and to leave it in God’s hands.