Petitions – 4 September 2021

1. Please intercede for me to be a supportive mother to my youngest son. He needs encouragement and positive reinforcement.

2. Dear Mother Mary, I will be going to KK Hospital to remove my womb. Please help me and see that I will be in good hands of the doctors and medical team. Mother Mary, I pray that the operation will be smooth and successful.

3. Dearest Mother, please continue to love, protect and bless us. I am desperately in need to find a new job.

4. Please intercede, bless, protect, heal and reconcile my friendship with my closest, dearest and best friend. Help me to speak to her soon. I made a mistake 2 weeks ago and have not been able to reach her since then. Please forgive me and help me to be a better person and friend to her.

5. Please help Singapore and the world to be free of terrorism and disease. The pandemic has caused loss of lives, disrupted livelihoods and made extended family members afraid to even meet each other. Please help all countries to be able to handle Covid-19 successfully.

6. My family and I are warded because of the Covid virus. We have a 6 month-old daughter, a 2 year-old son and another 6 year-old son. My husband and 2 year-old son need to get better quickly as there seems to be some complications. Mother, please pray for us to be together in the same ward and to recover quickly.

7. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I pray for my friend who will be undergoing surgery for 2 lumps in her breast. I pray for strength and comfort for her during this challenging period and I seek your intercession that the biopsy will come back with good news.

8. Dearest Mother, I am being wrongfully accused by some neighbours for an offence which I did not commit at all. Mother, they continue to bad mouth me and follow me whenever I go out. Please pray and intercede to your Son, to help me to fight against this injustice.

9. Mother, please pray and help my wife who has some problems at work. The atmosphere is very unsettling. The boss is not treating her justly.

10. Dear Mother Mary, I humbly ask you to walk with my daughter, give her the confidence and assurance that your Son, Jesus, will send the Holy Spirit to guide her throughout her upcoming Prelims and PSLE.

11. Please intercede for my nephew who is addicted to online gambling and my son who plays video games all day long. I know you will not fail to help them overcome their addictions.

12. I have been feeling anxious and worried about what the future holds for me, and whether I am able to successfully pass the modules in order to get promoted to the following semester in my course of study. Please give me the strength and perseverance to press on and help relieve my anxiety.