Petitions – 4 March 2023

1. Mother, please intercede for me to reconcile with my father, as we both had a big disagreement and I walked out of our home

2. Dearest Mother Mary, please bless my family and protect us always. Pray for the healing of my mum and erase all bad thoughts and depression from our minds.

3. Dear Mother Mary, please pray that we will be able to buy a house for ourselves at a reasonable price.

4. Please pray for my children to have good life partners so that they will be happy.

5. Mother Mary, please pray for me to have good health, especially with my kidneys, as the doctors have told me that there are early signs of deterioration due to high blood pressure.

6. Dearest Mother, I made a mistake today, but I hope things will turn out well. I also pray that my husband can improve in controlling his temper. Please pray for my family.

7. Dear Mother, please intercede for me to discover God’s will and help get some direction in my life to follow your Son’s path and his ways for me.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please help me to do well in my job and please intercede for my daughter to do well in her PSLE.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please pray that the interview for a maid will be successful. Thank you, dearest Mother.

10. I pray for the healing of my mother and for God’s guidance to decide whether she should go for an operation or not.