Petitions – 4 June 2022

1. Please intercede for my sister as she’s going for her breast cancer operation. Pray that she will be strong & the surgery will be successful.

2. Dearest Mother, I was on the verge of attempting to harm myself because of what I’m going through. Please intercede for my mental health.

3. Dear Mother Mary, as I enter the last week of my first trimester of my pregnancy, I pray that you will keep my baby safe and protected from any harm.

4. My son has been away from God for more than ten years now. I pray for your motherly intercession that our Lord Jesus will touch my son and help him to find his way back to God.

5. Dear Mother, help me through my work and help me perform well in all my given tasks and help me have a good relationship with my colleagues and bosses.

6. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my mother who is going through anxiety due to some medical concerns.

7. Please intercede for me and my husband. Bless us with matrimonial bliss. Help us to love and respect each other.

8. Dearest Mother Mary, I pray for all my friends and the relationships that I share with them. Help me to think more for their good and teach me to be a better person for others.

9. Please intercede for my mum to have a good and favourable blood test result so that she can continue with her 5th cycle of oral chemotherapy with no side effects.

10. My friend’s young niece has the hepatitis virus. Mother, please pray for her healing and the complete restoration of her health.