Petitions – 4 February 2023

1. My children are not going to church anymore. Mother, please intercede for them that they will return to the Lord.

2. Mother Mary, I pray for my grandmother, who is unwell and in a late stage of cancer. Please intercede to Jesus to calm her body and let her be as comfortable as possible.

3. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede and help me find a good decent job.

4. Mother, please intercede for the conversion of my sister.  

5. My husband has not been faithful and has filed for a divorce. Mother, please intercede for us to find a solution to restore our marriage.

6. Mother pray for me to be a good mother to my 2 children.

7. My landlady, her husband and her whole family are non- Christians but are interested to know about your Son, and are attending RCIA online class now. Please guide them and help them to persevere in their faith journey.

8. My Wedding is fast approaching, Mother, and I ask for your intercession for the Lord’s blessing to ensure we have a blissful married life.

9. My wife is suffering from auto immune disease. Mother, please intercede to our Lord to heal her.

10. I am totally drained, emotionally and mentally because of the amount of work. Mother, please help me to have a peaceful mind.

11. Mother, I ask for your prayer and intercession that I will have a smooth pregnancy.