Petitions – 4 Apr 2020

  1. I seek your kind intercession to our Lord in the current pandemic situation which had afflicted thousands all over the world. I pray that we will return to Church for Mass soon and with the hope to be ready for this year’s Annual Procession to celebrate your birthday in September.


  1. Please intercede that there will be no recession in the world and everyone will be able to make a living to meet all their expenses.


  1. I pray that a medical solution will soon be available to heal the coronavirus.


  1. Please intercede for my daughter. Her recent blood test was not promising for one of the twins. I offer them up to you that you will bless them and pray that the twins will be delivered to be healthy and normal babies.


  1. Please pray for my husband who is a private hirer and due to the virus, his income is badly affected. We are in financial need and have lots of debts to pay. I pray that we will be able to overcome this difficult time.


  1. My friend has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is going for more scans, treatment and chemo next week after her mastectomy last week. Her husband is also having a bad cough but refuses to see a doctor. Her daughter will also be undergoing an operation on her spine due to a work injury. Dearest Mother, her family is going through a storm. Please intercede and pray for them.


  1. My daughter is applying to study medicine and hopes to get a scholarship. Please intercede and pray for her successful application so that the financial burden can be lifted from us.


  1. I am feeling very lost and I don’t know what to do but to turn to you. I have been struggling with my anxiety and it has been hard for me to socialise with people and I have been keeping a distance from everyone. I seek your intercession that all of these negative emotions and moments would just stop. I pray that I will find my way to come back to you as I have strayed too far away.


  1. Please intercede for our food & beverage outlets as the business has dropped 30% due to the virus. Pray that we will be able to survive through this difficult period.


  1. I am very sad to hear that my son and his wife are having some issues in their marriage. Please help them to sort things out and mend the relationship.


  1. Please help me to get over a failed relationship, it has been difficult and I cannot focus properly.


  1. I have been jobless for 8 months and I feel stressed and lost.


  1. I pray for my uncle who is 91 years old and is a long-term patient at the IMH. He is also confined to bed and is being tube-fed.


  1. My doctor has applied for PR status but he has not heard anything. Please pray that his application will be successful.