Petitions – 30 October 2021

1. Dear Mother Mary, I’m two months into my new job and the workload is suffocating. To add fuel to the fire, my mum’s dementia has worsened. Please intercede for me that God will give me the strength I need every day.

2. I pray for my daughter who will be sitting for her SAT exam this Saturday. I know she has studied very hard, and I pray that God will guide her through the exam.

3. Please intercede for my friend who is going for surgery to remove her womb. Please pray for her speedy recovery.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my son who has difficulty sleeping. He is struggling with mental health issues and sleepless nights may trigger and bring about a relapse. Please pray for him, dear Mother.

5. My daughter was just notified by her school that she was identified as a close contact of a COVID-positive case and, as a result, she must stay at home and attend home-based learning. I pray that, through your intercession, God will take care of my daughter and protect her from the virus, and that she will be able to return to school soon.

6. My helper’s 4 children are in the Philippines and they live alone. They are currently unwell and were informed that it could possibly be due to COVID. My helper is extremely stressed and anxious. Please intercede to your Son Jesus to heal them.

7. Please intercede that my good friend will have a better working relationship with her boss and colleagues.

8. Dearest Mother Mary, I entrust my family to you and your Son, Jesus. My parents are currently not on good terms, and they quarrel very often. Mother, please pray for my father’s conversion. It is causing me and my mother a lot of distress.

9. Please intercede for my daughter-in-law as she is eight weeks pregnant and is staying alone. Please pray for her and her baby’s safety, especially during this pandemic.

10. Please pray that God will protect and bless my grandson from harm as he will be enlisting in the Army very soon.