Petitions – 30 Dec 2017

  1.  I pray for World Peace especially in countries where there are conflicts.


  1.  My daughter has a jaw problem. Please pray for us to find a suitable dentist who can help her.


  1.  I will be starting my new job in mid-January 2018. Please help me to cope and adapt well to this new working environment.


  1.  Mother, please pray for all your priests. Bless and keep them zealous in their calling and protect them with your mantle.


  1.  Pray that my mother and I will be reconciled soon.


  1.  I pray for my family to stay united, rooted in faith, and grow deeper in love for Christ.


  1. May you guide the doctors and nurses as they operate on my mother. We ask for her operation to be successful and for her speedy recovery.