Petitions – 30 April 2022

1. Dearest Mama Mary, please intercede for me and bless me with a safe and smooth forthcoming endoscopy and a normal gastro and colonoscopy test. Please intercede to our Lord our God for his mercy to bless me with a full healing of my gastric and digestive problems and restore me back to full and good health.

2. Please pray for me and my husband. We seek for your love and mercy and guidance. We are facing too many problems and challenges now, please give me strength to overcome the obstacles.

3. Please pray for my son to be safe while he is travelling to school alone.

4. I pray for my son who is on holiday until the end of April.

5. I prayed to you many times for a good relationship. You have blessed me with a partner who is genuine and loving. Right now, we are encountering a rough patch. Please guide us and keep our love and relationship strong.

6. Please intercede for my son to return to God wholeheartedly and be set free from his oppression and bondage.

7. I have miscarried for the third time in 2 years. Please intercede for me and bless us with our own healthy baby soon, and protect us from further miscarriages.