Petitions – 3 September 2022

1. Dearest Mother, please help my estranged relatives and family members to be reconciled once again. It has been 3 years since we last contacted each other. There’s resentment and hatred. Please pray for us.

2. Dear Mother Mary, I am very depressed because of my poor health and my dispute with my family members. Please help me to overcome this difficult period of my life.

3. Dear Mother, please intercede for me to kick my bad habits that I have developed during these past 10 years. I cannot focus and that makes me fail in all my tasks.

4. Today I am here at your Shrine with my wife’s Colonoscopy report. The doctor has told us to go back for a review next week. Please pray that everything will be fine.

5. Mother Mary, my daughter-in-law has just delivered her second child. Please continue to bless and take care of them.

6. Please pray for me to our loving Lord that I may be able to find a new job and leave the toxic environment that I am currently in.

7. Dearest Mother, please bless and help that my new maid application will be approved.

8. Mother Mary, please intercede to your Son, that I can go for my RCIA every Saturday and be baptised. I yearn to be your Catholic daughter but this is only possible with your help! Please open the hearts of my family to accept my faith.

9. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, we just got a new maid. We pray that we made the right choice and pray that she will work well for us.

10. I hope to do well for my PSLE so that I can get into a school that is near my home and I can continue playing football.

11. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up because of our differences in faith. Please guide him back to the Church.

12. I am praying for my father’s eye surgery to go well and for him to have a positive encounter with God.

13. Please be with me as I am about to go overseas to live for 4 months. Please also be with my family back home, especially my mother. When I am away, she will be alone at home and I worry for her. Please calm her worries and keep her safe and happy.

14. Dearest Mother, I am at the crossroads in my career. Please intercede for me and help me make the best choice for myself as I navigate the options available to me.

15. My father’s cancer is becoming active again. The doctor has prescribed a new oral treatment for him. This is the last alternative as my father has changed several medications over the past 1 year. I pray to you that it works for him as the doctor has ruled out chemotherapy for him due to his old age.

16. I have flu like symptoms, please pray and intercede to our Lord Jesus, that it is not Covid-19 and also pray that I will get well soon.