Petitions – 3 Oct 2020

1. I will be going for my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. Please intercede for me to Jesus that there will be no malignant growth found in me.

2. My grand-daughter is now quarantined in Nottingham University Hostel. She has completed five days. Please help her to be able to complete nine more days. Being alone day in and out is very depressing especially in a foreign land with no relatives and friends.

3. My sister will be sitting for her “O” Levels in October. I pray that she does well. We also pray for all who will be sitting for the PSLE and “A” Levels this year.

4. I pray that this pandemic will end soon so that all separated families will be able to hold each others’ hands again.

5. Please intercede for me. I was retrenched when I was pregnant with my second child and have been jobless since May 2020. I have been unsuccessful in my job interviews and I am feeling very down and stressed. Please help me to be successful in my job search so that I can have a job to support my family.

6. Please help all those who are jobless or have lost their jobs during this pandemic. Give them strength and courage and let them know that you always care for them.

7. Please pray for my friend who has been diagnosed with dementia. She is also suffering in depression due to unresolved issues. Give her the courage to face her fears and seek the necessary medical help.

8. My sons have stopped attending Mass. Please intercede for them and guide them along the correct path.

9. Dear Mother Mary, I received the news that the application for my work pass has been rejected. I felt heart-broken and anxiety struck me but I continue to pray and surrender all these negative feelings to our Lord Jesus. Please pray for me that the appeal for my work pass application will be approved.