Petitions – 3 Mar 2018

  1. I am lonely and heart-broken as the man I love is unable to make a commitment. Please help him and heal him.


  1. Pray for me, Mother, as I will be undergoing surgery next week.


  1. My husband used to be cheerful and patient, but of late he has become moody. Protect him and make him better.


  1. My daughter is 15 and my son is 10, Mother, please guide them and help them to grow in faith.


  1. Dearest Mary, I pray and hope that my mental illness will be cured.


  1. I am a widow and struggling with my finances to look after my 3 children. Mother, help me.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I am feeling stressed and anxious even before I start my 6-month internship. Please let me stay strong and let my bosses and colleagues be good and nice.


  1. That I may conceive and bear a child soon despite my age and medical issues.