Petitions – 3 June 2023

1. Dear Mother Mary, as I start a new day, I place the day ahead into your hands. Please bless and guide me as I go about the various tasks assigned to me.

2. Dearest Mother Mary of Perpetual Help, my daughter has applied to five local universities and four have turned down her application. My daughter wants to further her studies and I can only afford her a local education. Mother Mary, please intercede for her.

3. I pray that I will be able to support my friend who is drawn to the Catholic faith and that she may be able to understand and embrace her calling.

4. Dear Mother, I continue to entrust to you my marriage and we are praying that we may have a child soon.

5. Dear Mother, I am 36 yet I do not have any savings. My finances and life are in a big mess. Pray for me Mother.

6. Dear Mother Mary, my husband and I are both aging. The process of aging is quite scary sometimes. Please pray for us and protect us. Keep us safe and healthy.

7. Dear Mother, I ask your prayers for my family because we are in constant disagreement. I feel very torn and sometimes I think it is pointless to try to keep the family happy. Please intercede for us, to have wisdom and perseverance.

8. Dearest Mother, my brother and my sister-in-law have been trying to conceive a child for years. They have faced a few miscarriages. Please intercede for them not to lose hope and faith. May they be blessed with the gift of a child.

9. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I am feeling lost in my career. I have been in this same position for the past eighteen years in the company with no satisfaction. Please intercede and pray for me and my husband that we will be able to fulfil our dreams.

10. Dearest Mother, please intercede for me to find new and responsible tenants for my flat so that it will help to defray my mortgage payments.

11. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my son who was involved in an accident last year. He’ll be charged with reckless driving. We can only pray for the Lord’s mercy.

12. Dear Mother Mary, my dear friend’s daughter has gotten hooked on drugs. She has been to many detox programmes but she never completes them. Please give her the strength to be healed of her addiction and please be with the family during their time of trial.

13. Dear Mother Mary, my husband and I have not been able to conceive in the last 6 years and have decided to adopt a child. There is a long queue and waiting time for adoption. Please intercede for us, that we may have patience and trust that God makes all things beautiful in His time.

14. Dearest Mother Mary, my heart is heavy for my son and his girlfriend who both lost their jobs recently. They were recently successful in their BTO application. They need a stable income to be able to pay for their new home and to start their life together. Dearest Mother, please guide them to trust in you and your Son, our Lord.