Petitions – 3 Feb 2018

  1. My daughter who is married at 40, desires to conceive naturally. Please intercede for her to have a child.

  2. I have 2 boys. Please keep them away from bad company and all the bad habits like smoking, drinking and fighting.

  3. My son, just because he stood up for what was right, is in danger of being physically harmed and threatened by those bullies in his class. Please Mother, protect him against all harm.

  4. On 7th January 2018, we lost our mother. Please help to take care of my father who is now alone with a helper.

  5. Mother, I pray that my family will be together and love each other no matter what.

  6. My brother-in-law will undergo a bypass surgery on February 5th. Please pray for him.

  7. I am interceding for my non-Catholic husband to come to know Christ and to be converted.

  8. My husband is going for a liver operation next week. Please intercede for him.