Petitions – 3 December 2022

1. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for peace to return to the peoples in places where there’s war. Let them have a calm and peaceful Christmas.

2. Please intercede for a friend’s baby who has a spinal problem. May she not have to go through any invasive surgery.

3. I’m praying for my elderly aunt who is in ICU. May she regain her health and strength.

4. Help my daughter with her college application as she needs a miracle to get into the course she wants to do.

5. Mother, look after my husband who has had to go through a heart bypass. Help him to enjoy peace of mind and have many more good years with us.

6. My grandson will be coming home for his holidays. Protect him and keep him safe on his travels.

7. I’m having difficulty with a person at work. Please pray for me that I may be enlightened as to make the right decisions when dealing with the person.

8. My daughter has been hurt and is very disappointed. Pray that she will be healed and overcome the disappointment.

9. Mother, ask your Son, Jesus, to heal me of my cancer so that I can go back to work.

10. Please Mother Mary, my daughter will be getting married in December. May all go well and smoothly and guide them to have a beautiful and loving married life.

11. Dearest Mother, I am going through a rough patch in my career. Be with me during this difficult time and lead me to a job where I can find meaning and fulfilment.

12. Mother of Perpetual Help, we’ll be moving into our new home very soon. Bless us with your grace and continue to lead us towards Jesus, your Son.