Petitions – 29 October 2022

1. Blessed Mother, I ask that you intercede for my ‘O’ Level examinations. I pray that you will bless and guide me as I sit for my papers and please help me to do well.

2. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for my nephew to return to church.

3. Dear Mother, my husband has been searching in vain for a job for four years. He is falling into depression and has lost faith. Please pray that he finds a job soon and that his faith will be restored. I also pray that I may find the right words to say to him whenever he confides in me.

4. I come to you with a heavy heart. Please pray for my father. A colonoscopy found a tumour. We are all shakened by the news. Mother, pray for us. Please keep us focused on Jesus’ promise to grant us peace and to lighten our burdens.

5. Mother Mary, please intercede for my brother and his wife to find gainful employment here in Singapore soon. Both have been jobless since the pandemic.

6. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my boyfriend who is recovering from a gambling addiction. Please intercede for us, that we will hold on to our faith in God in times of difficulties.

7. My dear friend has lost three babies through miscarriages and is pregnant again. I pray she will be able to carry a healthy baby through to full term.

8. Dear Mother Mary, my mother is very ill with Covid and we cannot visit her. Please be with her and comfort her during these lonely and difficult moments. Please be a mother to her in our absence.

9. Dearest Mother, please intercede for me that I may be a better and more patient boss and colleague at work.

10. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for me to overcome my bad habits – procrastination, laziness and watching too much TV. Help me to grow in holiness, increase my faith and obedience to God.

11. Dear Mother Mary, I just learned that my friend’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for him and for his wife to be positive and strong through this challenging period.

12. Dear Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession that my last chemotherapy session tomorrow will go smoothly with minimal side effects. I pray for a complete healing and to remain cancer-free so that I can see my 2 young children grow up into adulthood.