Petitions – 29 Jun 2019

  1. My husband has been working on a 12-hour shift. Please help him to find a job that does not require him to work during the night.


  1. Please pray for my wife who is suffering from arthritis.


  1. Please intercede for us to obtain the approval for citizenship.


  1. Our mother has lymphoma. We pray for your intercession.


  1. I am facing financial problems in my life, please intercede for me.


  1. I am very stressed over my project as my boss has resigned and there is no proper supervision for the project. Please pray that I can complete the project.


  1. I pray for a successful upcoming surgery.


  1. I beg for your intercession to have a smooth delivery and give birth to a healthy baby.


  1. Please intercede for me to be able to sell my company and shield me from bankruptcy.


  1. I pray for my son to be positive and not to get angry easily.