Petitions – 29 January 2022

1. Please intercede for my daughter. May she find in her heart to forgive her father. Heal both of them from all the pain, anger and hurts of the past.

2. Please grant me peace and joy and open up my heart. I am easily depressed and moody for long periods of time.

3. My insomnia is getting from bad to worse. Even though I have taken medicines, I am still fully awake at night.

4. Mother, please help me to be fit and healthy and to be able to continue working for as long as possible.

5. My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour that is giving him headache and blurred vision. Please pray for him.

6. Please help my husband in his work. He is going through challenges and he has been working on them for over a year. Our finances are affected and the family needs him to work to pay for all the debts.

7. Please pray and watch over me as I fly back from Scotland to Singapore to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family. I pray the it will be a smooth journey and protect me from Covid-19.

8. Please pray for me that the chemo drugs I am taking for the treatment and healing of my cancer will be effective to eradicate all the existing cancer cells in my body.

9. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and strength to be successful in my work.

10. Please intercede for my family members, my spouse, son & daughter for good health, their studies and work. Keep them safe wherever they go. Guide them to make the right decisions in whatever they do.