Petitions – 29 Feb 2020

  1. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede to Jesus for a cure to this current coronavirus and all those affected and living in the affected areas that their normal lifestyle will resume.


  1. Please accompany me in my search for a change, for a new employment and new environment. Hopefully this search, will enable me to know more about myself and what I am capable of.


  1. I had a miscarriage on 8th February and I am feeling devastated. I pray that I will be able to accept what God has planned for me. Please bless and guide me through this difficult time.


  1. Please help me keep my job as I need to support my family. I pray for my health. I lost my dad last year, I pray that we will be healed from our sorrows. I also ask for your intercession for my relationship with my fiancé.


  1. I pray to you to take care of your daughter who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a young mother with a little girl to take care of. She has a big heart and always loved and cared for our family. She needs your intercession at this time.


  1. Please help us be reunited as a family after my recent transfer to Singapore. Help me to swim through the hinderance towards my dream.


  1. Please forgive my incompetence and give me courage and wisdom to improve my capacity and prospect to have a better outlook. Grant me the gifts to contribute to the kingdom and a peaceful and pure of mind for the rest of my life.


  1. Mother Mary, please intercede for me during the exams. Help me to have confidence and stay calm and concentrate on my studies.


  1. Please pray and intercede for me to find a job soon. I have been sending out my resumes but there have not been any positive response. Please help me to lift this burden from me.


  1. Dear Mother, I am a nurse working in the emergency department and handle the critical Covid-19 cases. My husband has been coughing for almost a month and he was diagnosed with Asthma. Please protect us and keep us safe.