Petitions – 29 Dec 2018

  1. Dear Mother Mary, I am always getting stressed even with small things in life. Please intercede for me.


  1. Dear Mother, please pray for my sister and mother to be reconciled with each other.


  1. Mother, please help my family in all our challenges in life.


  1. Dear Mary, please intercede for my mum who is currently in hospital. She has undergone dialysis and there has been some complications. Please keep her in prayer that she will recover soon.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please comfort my friend and her family during their darkest moment. Her eldest brother committed suicide recently. They are devastated. Please give them the strength to overcome this grief.


  1. I pray for peace, joy and love for our children. Help us to experience the blessings and gifts of God and may we also share His love with people around us.


  1. Please help my boyfriend that he may experience the power of your love and that he may be granted work in Singapore.


  1. Dear Mother, please intercede for my family as my husband treats the home like a hotel and I have been raising the children alone. I pray for strength to carry on with my life.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I will be collecting the keys to my new home next year and I am worried about my finances and the renovation costs. Please pray for me that I will be able to cope.


  1. Please touch my husband’s heart and free him from his gambling addiction.