Petitions – 28 Sep 2019

  1. Mother, please bless me to be successful in my career.


  1. Please pray for my friend’s diligence in her “O” level preparation. Keep her energized and be in good health as she prepares for her examination. May the Holy Spirit lead her back to the Lord and His ways.


  1. Dear Mother, please intercede for my brother who has recently begun his studies in London. May he stay safe, joyful and healthy.


  1. Please help my daughter to get a job of her choice. She has been jobless for the past three months and she is losing her confidence.


  1. Please intercede for my son as he is preparing for his PSLE, help him to stay focused and protect him from all distractions and anxiety.


  1. Please intercede for me for the healing of my eyes. Pray that my eye problems will be cured soon.


  1. I just lost my job, please help me and guide me to find another job soon.


  1. Please pray for my younger son who is preparing for an exam which can qualify him for an application to university overseas.


  1. Please help me as I am not working now. I am in need of a job to support my family.


  1. I pray for motivation to study and be able to achieve my degree.