Petitions – 28 May 2022

1. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my friend who has multiple health problems. She is suffering and needs healing. I implore your powerful intercession

2. I am going for a medical procedure. I pray that the outcome will be a good one so that I can continue to help my family and to do my church duties. Mother, please help me.

3. I have been out of a job for a few months. And I will be going for an interview soon. Mother, please intercede for me to your Son, so that my interview will be a successful one.

4. Dear Mother Mary, please bless my aging parents’ health and watch over their safety.

5. Dear Mother Mary, the doctor suspects it’s cancer so I will be undergoing a CT detection scan soon. Mother Mary, please watch over me and shower me with your tender care.

6. Dearest Mother, I will be taking a big exam for work soon. Please intercede to help me clear my mind and help me overcome my personal fears.

7. Dearest Mother, I pray for my spouse for he has been bedridden since 2020 because of a stroke. I ask for your intercession to Jesus that he will be well again.

8. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for my fiancé to get a good job soon. He has been trying for some time and he will be going for another interview. Pray that he will be successful.

9. Mother, please pray for peace in Ukraine where many innocent civilians are dying. Mother watch over your children and I hope that peace will be restored in Ukraine soon.