Petitions – 28 July 2018

  1. Dear Mother, please pray for me and my family. The bills are piling, everything is overdue and debts are high. I pray for all my pending sales will be closed by the end of the month.


  1. Please continue to pray for me to remain strong despite the many setbacks that I am facing in school.


  1. Mother Mary, my son is going through depression and needs help to go through this difficult stage in his life. He needs inner peace and strength to carry on. Please intercede for him.


  1. I am feeling really disturbed over the terrible financial decision that we made 2 months ago. Our family relationships are now affected and I no longer look forward to my retirement years. Mother, it was really foolish of me to ignore all the clear signs that you gave me. Help me and my family to get out of this mess if it is still possible.


  1. I am a Hindu and my future husband is a Christian. Please help me, Mother. I am confused. Please show me the way.


  1. Please help my son and daughter to start school on the right path. Help them to be hardworking and please guide them in whatever they do.


  1. I am very worried because the crosses in my life are very heavy. Please intercede for me. I have no one to turn to except to you and your Son, Jesus.


  1. My nephew and his wife are in dire need of your intercession. Please hear their prayers as you always do.


  1. I seek your intercession to protect my son, granddaughter and myself from hand, foot and mouth disease.


  1. My sister-in-law is fighting a rare form of leukemia. She will be starting her chemotherapy. Please keep her in prayer that she will respond well to the treatment and our Lord Jesus, will heal her fully and restore her to good health.