Petitions – 28 January 2023

1. Please pray for world peace especially between Ukraine & Russia.

2. My cousin in India has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Mother, please intercede for her that the cancer will be completely cured.

3. I will be taking my ‘O’ Levels this year and I would like to ask for your help, guidance and support throughout the year as it would be a different level of stress and an obstacle to overcome.

4. Dearest Mother, I come to you in desperate need of your help. My sister-in-law has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It has spread from her colon to liver and lungs. She is undergoing chemotherapy. Please intercede for her for a complete healing.

5. I was recently appointed to a position of responsibility in a parish ministry. In this role, I face challenges and uncertainties. Please pray for me that I will receive God’s grace to serve as God’s wills and that I will be able to do all that God wants me to do.

6. Dear Mother, please intercede for my dog’s eyes to be healed. She has been having eye infections these 2 months as she is getting old.

7. Please pray for my 19-year-old son who is suffering from ADHD, insomnia, depression and anxiety. He is unable to hold on to a long-term job due to his health conditions. I pray that you will show mercy towards him.

8. Dear Mother, please guide my hubby to stay calm and cordial with difficult colleagues and to get good support from bosses.

9. Dearest Mother, I just found out from my broker that I made a mistake in selling the wrong shares. I pray to you and seek your intercession to get over this crisis with minimum loss.

10. Dear Mother, please save my marriage and my family. I am completely broken.

11. I ask for your powerful intercession to overcome sin, temptation and challenges at work. I ask for your intercession that I would do well in my new job.

12. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede that I will be able to attend this year’s World Youth Day.