Petitions – 28 Dec 2019

  1. Mother, for this New Year I ask for Love, Peace & Joy in our hearts and in our homes and to share these with all the people we meet.


  1. My husband is undergoing his by-pass operation. Please give him the strength and courage to go through it and to have a new life.


  1. My eldest daughter is pregnant, bless her with a safe and smooth pregnancy. During a routine checkup, the doctor told her she has slight diabetes. Please bless her and the baby with good health and to overcome the morning sickness.


  1. Please help my 93-year-old mother who has dementia. She has little sleep and is awake shouting and screaming. Please save her.


  1. Please pray for me to find inner peace and to have the motivation to do something to help support my family. My 3 kids are my life but I am so depressed that I cannot or don’t know which direction I should take to look for a job to help my husband financially. Please help me O Loving Mother.


  1. I pray for good results in my “N” Levels and to be able to get into the desired course of my choice in the Polytechnic in year 2020.


  1. I come to you again as I am facing difficulties with work. It is not progressing as it should be and we are facing more obstacles each day. Mother, intercede for me that the work will go very well and that my reviews will be positive.


  1. Please pray for my brother who is 50 years old and has been retrenched since March 2019. He has not found any job yet. My sister who is 46 years old has also been retrenched just 2 weeks ago and is struggling to find a job. Mother please help them to find a meaningful and satisfactory job. Give them strength & comfort during these trying times.


  1. I am leaving Singapore for good. Please help me to find a good employment back home so I can support my parents. Ask your Son to be with me always and for the Holy Spirit to give me a courageous heart, faithful to the Father’s will.


  1. My mum is a cancer patient and her doctor has told us frankly that he will stop all treatment for her soon because she is not responding to all the medication. My mother still looks healthy on the outside but her body is crumbling inside. I hope for a miracle to happen and that my mother will recover and have the will to live on.