Petitions – 28 August 2021

1. Dear Mother, please help leaders of all the countries to handle the pandemic correctly. Please help troubled countries and regions to find lasting peace, stability and justice.

2. Mother, please intercede for my friend who is going through depression.

3. Dearest Mother Mary, please be a heavenly mother to our baby we miscarried. Keep her close to you and lead her to your Son. May her soul find peace and joy with Jesus.

4. Mother Mary, my wife’s attitude has changed towards me since the beginning of 2020. It has affected our relationship very badly. Please intercede for us to be reconciled.

5. Dear Mother, a friend of mine has to go for a triple bypass this week. His family is in Australia. Please intercede for him to have a safe surgery and for him to recover quickly.

6. Mother, my parents are covid patients. Please pray that our family will be fine and my husband, myself and 3 very young children who have been in contact with them are all healthy, and God will watch over and protect us.

7. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray for me and my wife. My wife has been trying to conceive without any success. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant us a healthy baby soon.

8. Dearest Mother, as I will be starting University soon, please pray for me that I will have the motivation, knowledge and wisdom for school and to overcome the difficulties of studies as well as worries of exams. Walk with me in my journey and hold my hand.

9. Mother, I come to you as a daughter who is pained at seeing her son stressed out because of his imminent retrenchment. He is still young with two little kids and needs to provide for them. I pray that you to take my son under your care and intercede for him.