Petitions – 27 November 2021

1. Please intercede to our Lord that my daughter will recover from her mental health issues and that she will stay positive in life.

2. My husband has multiple medical conditions and I worry for him especially during this pandemic. Please intercede for him that God will bless and protect him.

3. Dearest Mother, my daughter failed her prelim exams even though she studied very hard. She is now crushed and devastated. Please pray with us and intercede for her that she will be able to cope with this disappointment.

4. I pray for two 7-year-olds who are suffering from cancer. Mother, please intercede for them that God will grant them a complete recovery soon. Please also pray that God will grant their parents and family the strength that they need.

5. Please intercede for my brother with autism. He has yet to receive the covid-19 vaccine due to his phobia of syringes. Please protect him and may the Lord grant me a solution for this.

6. Dearest Mother Mary, I come to you in desperation to seek your prayer and intercession. My husband’s only daughter has not had any contact with her father for 30 years. My husband has tried reaching out to her on many occasions but to no avail. It really breaks my heart to see this broken relationship, and I beg you to intercede, dear Mother.

7. Dear Mother Mary, I pray that you can please intercede for me that God will send a good and loving Catholic spouse into my life, if it is in accordance with God’s will.  

8. I earnestly implore your help to pray for my Godson. He is now in distress due to the divorce proceedings. Please pray for them so that this issue will be resolved soon.         

9. Dearest Mother, I come to you to seek your intercession as my husband and I fervently seek to conceive a child.

10. I am also plagued by the guilt of having treated my ex-wife and her family badly in the past. Help me, Mother, to rebuild my life again and please guide me to your Son, Jesus.

11. Please pray that Singapore will be able to overcome this COVID-19 crisis soon as the number of cases here continues to rise. Many nurses and healthcare workers are overwhelmed and exhausted. Please pray for us all, dear Mother.