Petitions – 26 Sep 2020

1. Our daughter is due for delivery tomorrow. We pray sincerely for your intercession and leave her in your loving hands. When she was born, I prayed at your shrine. Now it is her turn and once again we turn to you and your Son, Jesus.

2. Dear Mother Mary, I am about to go for a surgical procedure. Please pray for me.

3. Please intercede for me so that I can find a suitable job.

4. My sister has just been diagnosed with 1st stage breast cancer and will be going for her operation next week. Please keep her in prayer that the surgery will proceed smoothly and she’ll not need to have chemotherapy.

5. Please intercede for us to have a baby soon.

6. I pray for my husband that you will guide him in his path and he will continue to have faith and trust in God.

7. Dear Mother, I will be going for a job interview this week and I am very worried. Please help me to present well at the interview and to have a chance to join the company.

8. There is tension and enmity within my family. Please intercede for us that we may all find peace, love and reconciliation with one another.