Petitions – 26 Oct 2019

  1. I am really at a lost now. I have no one to turn to except you and Jesus. Please help me pay my loans.


  1. Please help me to be able to achieve the goals that I have set for myself at end of year exams.


  1. I would like to seek your kind intercession for our leaders. Kindly bless them with wisdom, strength as well as a caring and compassionate heart to serve the people in Singapore.


  1. Please pray urgently for my 8-year-old nephew who is diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome and has been admitted to the hospital that he will recover completely and be well again.


  1. We have been longing to have a child for 8 years. We pray for the blessing to have a child.


  1. Please forgive my husband. He does not know how to use positive words when educating the children. Guide him, bless him with a fatherly tongue so that the children will be led by him in a holy and positive way.


  1. I come to beg your intercession for my son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and he is now remanded in IMH. Please continue to pray for him.


  1. I am praying for my daughter who is taking her “A” levels soon. Bless her to be calm and to do her best.


  1. Please pray for my wife’s family as they are embroiled in some misunderstanding. May your Son open their hearts to forgive.